Music in Islamic Philosophy

Peter Adamson

Despite his importance as the first Muslim intellectual to make use of ideas from the Greek philosophical tradition, we don’t know much about the life of al-Kindi. We do know roughly when he lived (the ninth century CE), that he…

Musical Setting of Sara Pirkle Hughes’s “What Hurts”

Neil Olmstead “What Hurts” is based on a poem by Sara Pirkle Hughes. It is the first piece in a song cycle of five art songs for mezzo soprano and piano that I composed within the last year and recorded this…

Which Way do the Trade Winds Blow?

Rick McLaughlin

Two Case Studies Examining the Voyage of Jazz to Africa Abstract: Over the past century, American jazz recordings have transformed from the music of New Orleans to at least 13 unique sub-genres. Given the importance of West African music on…

T. Allen LeVines


When is there not music? ... bursts of morning sun or night shadows in a full moon rising ... thundering spring waterfalls or silent mountain snows in winter ...

Aliya Cycon Project

Interview by Xingyu

Aliya Cycon is an 8th Semester CWP major at Berklee. Her band, Aliya Cycon Project, just released their first album called “We Will Be Light” this past spring. Y—Xingyu Yao A—Aliya Cycon Y: Hi Aliya, Congratulations on your first album…

Preab Meadar – transforming Poetry to Dance

Tadgh Dall Ó hUigín (Blind Taigue Higgins), a professional poet in 16th Century Gaelic Ireland, had seen two patrons suffer ignominy and defeat before he wrote The Lion and Fox for his patron Brian MacGuire in 1588 AD. This poem…


Anwen Crawford

Anwen Crawford is an Australian writer. She is the music critic for The Monthly magazine, and her essays have appeared in publications including Frieze and The New Yorker online.