Our Bodies the Instruments of Love

Brian Turner

“I have no advice for anybody; except to, you know, be awake enough to see where you are at any given time, and how that is beautiful, and has poetry inside, even places you hate.” —Jeff Buckley “I sense the…

Kinds of Blues: 3 Songs & 3 Poems

Cornelius Eady

Cornelius Eady has published more than half a dozen volumes of poetry, among them Victims of the Latest Dance Craze (1985), winner of the Lamont Poetry Prize from the Academy of American Poets; The Gathering of My Name (1991), nominated for a Pulitzer Prize; and Brutal Imagination (2001), a National Book Award finalist.

The Superpower of Conducting: Women Rise to the Podium

Anna Rakitina, Assistant Conductor, Boston Symphony Orchestra

Being а female conductor in today’s music world does not feel too uncommon, though, for sure, it was not always like this. The rise of women in the profession is a relatively recent development and, as with many other leadership…

Ghost Session

Pete Mullineaux

In the elbow of the snug, our absent selves make ready – open cases, ease bellows, tune strings – spread the rosin; some chit-chat about weather, the match, a bit of world news thrown in. Flute enters, shrugging off the raingear, bicycle clips; Banjo tries to order drinks, plink-plink of a coin on an empty glass. A few are already warming up fingers, loosening wrists, softening lips; taking off into a gentile O’Carolan set, maybe a jig or two, before letting rip with a few high tempo reels...

Letter for Berklee

Steve Vai

Greetings enthusiastic music students, and congratulations. You have chosen the entertainment industry as your profession. I have been in it for the last forty-seven years, and I can tell you it’s truly a fantastic industry. The number of options and…

A Beautiful View from the Berklee Bridge, Flowing with Music, Energy, and Glimpses of a Fruitful Future

A Reflection by Dr. Bill Banfield

I have often felt that, with my art, I could strike a blow against mediocrity. Thumb my nose at power, hate, and injustice. Lift a story that inspires joy. Pull from life a creative melody that guarantees a sigh and wonders about beauty. Build a room where everyone could find a friend. Change the mind of a young person to find a better truth for themselves . . . Wow, that would be a goal to work, live, and die for, happily having tried. Well, after being at Berklee for fifteen years, that is what I feel I can see forthcoming. I say that because this is a school that potentially will change the future due to talent, energy, and the power of music ...

Music in Islamic Philosophy

Peter Adamson

Despite his importance as the first Muslim intellectual to make use of ideas from the Greek philosophical tradition, we don’t know much about the life of al-Kindi. We do know roughly when he lived (the ninth century CE), that he…