Two Poems from Bucha, Ukraine

Lesyk Panasiu, with introduction by Ilya Kaminsky

Ilya Kaminsky on Lesyk Panaisuk’s Poetry “Russian soldiers stayed in our building,” the poet Lesyk Panaisuk wrote to me a few weeks ago. When the war began, Lesyk left Bucha in a hurry, fleeing the Russian invasion. “War will live…

3 Poems

Leana Borsuk

Just find it That small curl always dangling in your face—it blocks me from your eyes. You wonder what color, and it’s not the color, but how it feels to me when the sun shines through, burning your eyes. It…

For He Was a Great Man

Juan Felipe Herrera, U.S. Poet Laureate Emeritus

– for George Floyd, RIP For he was a great man thrown & pulled toward the flames For the flames were familiar for they would seal his story For he was taken down face down body down to account For…

9 Poems from Poetry 2

Terza Rima, Italian & English Sonnets, Free Verse

Kelly Flatley (Terza Rima) There are certain things that we don’t talk about She’ll take you to the drive through if you want to get that milkshake you said that they sell. But you’ll forget to drink it ‘cause you…

Full Circle Sail

Daniel Picker

for Aurelie and Leah With the mast up while wheeling the boat out from the yard, by the sandy shore to launch as if for the first time, sun bright, sky light, wind half brisk, a new adventure on this…

9 New Poets, 9 New Poems

Berklee Students

Cassie Long, “Atropos” Aidan Meachem, “Swimmer” Sara Gougeon, “Ojala” Haley Griffin, “Go to Therapy” Simon Hubbard, “Drain” AL Riordan, “Tea” Riley Goldstein, “Shelter in Place” Delaney Parker, “Femme Fatale” Olivia Rodriguez, “Meeting You”

Charades and Four Other Poems

Robert Carr

Confessional I want to be inside the wooden ribcage of a god. I want to fold my clothes in a small room with a red velvet curtain. I’d confess: Once, on the Boston Common, I kissed a stranger in a