Pastoral Mosaics: Journeys Through Landscapes Rural

Brian Michael Barbeito

This work is from an ongoing photo essay. I am currently documenting nature walking in Southern Ontario, Canada. Among the environments explored are woodlands, farms, open fields, but also the deeper forests, off path, where people such as dog walkers,…


Margo Davis

Photographic projects, like life, have journeys of their very own. They grow organically, sometimes with purposeful direction, sometimes randomly. They have an arc of development which can be synchronous with the trajectory of one’s life. In my photographic work, my current project ALLAMERICAN has evolved from all the influences of my life’s journey from childhood until now.

Bathtub Series

Eva Redamonti

When planning the general ideas for my artwork, I like to choose venues in which my imaginary themes can move and flow. I think in movement, structure, symmetry, and detail. I always try to incorporate the elements of imagination and fantasy.

Why this is not a pipe

Monica Fernandez

(The Treason of Images – René Magritte) The first time I saw this painting of the surrealist artist René Magritte I was in my last junior high school year. It provoked a lot of confusion in me. It has nothing…

Mexico: A Surrealist Country.

Monica Fernandez

Many people know that the art movement of Surrealism began in Europe and that the most famous surrealists are European as well. But what few people may know is that the grand majority of them fled to Mexico because of…