Pastoral Mosaics: Journeys Through Landscapes Rural

Brian Michael Barbeito

This work is from an ongoing photo essay. I am currently documenting nature walking in Southern Ontario, Canada. Among the environments explored are woodlands, farms, open fields, but also the deeper forests, off path, where people such as dog walkers,…


Margo Davis

Photographic projects, like life, have journeys of their very own. They grow organically, sometimes with purposeful direction, sometimes randomly. They have an arc of development which can be synchronous with the trajectory of one’s life. In my photographic work, my current project ALLAMERICAN has evolved from all the influences of my life’s journey from childhood until now.

Boston Sequence

Alexandria Pierre Etienne

Street photographer Matt Stuart inspired me to observe the streets of city life in a different way and to approach a subject/scene unnoticed without disrupting the motions of life. But the most challenging of all was patience. Figuring out the right time to capture a moment is both exciting and challenging. Sometimes the most magical things happen and you just come back home empty handed.