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Polyrhythm Clocks

Jerry Leake

NOTE: What follows is Jerry’s complete article on Polyrhythm Clocks. An edited version that focused on only “Part I” was used for his 2016 BTOT presentation. Introduction This article examines polyrhythms that are represented in two visual forms: western notation…

The Hidden Curriculum – Definitions and Uses

Kevin Block-Schwenk, Associate Professor of Liberal Arts (Economics & Math)

At BTOT 2016, Professor Jennifer Beauregard (Liberal Arts (Science)) and I gave a presentation about the Hidden Curriculum. Below is our presentation, with commentary. The concept of the Hidden Curriculum dates back a full century to John Dewey, but the…

BTOT 2016 Synergy Presentation

Co-leaders Gail McArthur-Browne and Helen Sherrah-Davies with artist collaborator Jim Zingarelli, Gordon College.

4/4 Common time is anything but common. Pace and rhythmic punctuation varies on and off the quarter note beats. A linear score navigates through and with a sound space realized through an infrastructure of consistent metronomic delineations by way of…