FUSION Meets the Fuze

An Interview with David Fiuczynski

David Fiuczynski is Director of the Planet MicroJam Institute at Berklee. He also moonlights as the leader of the Screaming Headless Torsos.

Moana A: Interview

Leah Hinton

...Moana A: My father is a musician, so I grew up going to his concerts all the time. Every few years, he would experiment with a new style, and since rehearsals were usually at my house, I got to be exposed to a lot of genres. There was always music in my house; in fact, I remember complaining a few Sunday mornings for being wakened up by loud bass at 7AM. I always sang.

Meaning Through Music: An Interview With William Ross

Michael Hazani

Musicians have a knack for multi-tasking; jumping from late night to early morning sessions with gigs and practice in between.  And then, there is William Ross. As a composer, orchestrator, arranger, conductor and music director,  Maestro Ross exemplifies the creative