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FUSION Volume 4

Voices and Visions from the U.S. and Scotland

FUSION’s new eBook edition presents an impressive display of creative talents, from Berklee students, staff, and professors to featured artists with global reputations.Jazz trumpeter and painter, Berklee professor Tiger Okoshi, has given us three vibrant watercolors. Tiger writes, “When I play my trumpet, my horn is my brush, high/low, fast/slow, bright/dark. I paint the air one note at a time.”

I am very happy to co-edit our eBook’s special Scottish feature with Larry Bethune. We highlight some of Scotland’s greatest writers and artists. One of our poets, Douglas Dunn, won the 2013 Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry. Photographer Michael Russell is Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning in the Scottish Government. The National Portrait Galleries in London and Edinburgh have more than 50 of Norman McBeath’s photographic portraits in their permanent collections.

This issue also includes gifted writers not from Scotland, including Major Jackson, a Guggenheim Fellow, and Lynne Potts, AGNI Poetry Editor and winner of the 2012 National Poetry Review Prize.

FUSION’s Translation Initiative pairs international writers with native English speakers, resulting in fine translations and a celebration of diverse cultures. We include translations from Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Old Balinese.

Creating this special edition has been a rich exchange by extraordinary artists on both sides of the Atlantic. We hope you enjoy the book and invite you to share your thoughts by writing to us at fusionmagazine@berklee.edu

Joseph A. Coroniti, PhD