Seeking Thought Itself

Bryce Perry

What do we mean when we say, “Humans were gifted the ability to think.”? Thinking- the active occupation of the conscious mind, is supposedly the catalytic quality which separated man from animal millions of years ago. When Homo-sapiens began…

Sri Aurobindo & Me

Casey Williams

Most philosophers study and focus on concepts that revolve around the mind without the body, and stress the importance of strengthening it as much as you can to become one with yourself and your surroundings. Sri Aurobindo thinks a bit…

Aristotle: Poetry

Taylor Brown

Aristotle believed that art is a form of imitation which seeks to represent life.[1] In his Poetics, he discusses his philosophical theory of drama, and determines the elements that make a compelling tragedy. These elements, according to Aristotle, are: plot,…

Paget Henry and African Ontology

Teodros Kiros

Ontology is the study of Being, existence and becoming, and Africans have long held their commitment to Ontology far longer than their Western counter parts. African Ontology as part of African philosophy has continued to organize African life since it…

The Emancipatory Potential of the Beautiful:

Erich Johnson

It is safe to say that a common, popular conception of art is that which depicts the beautiful. Nonetheless, even this seemingly benign assumption raises some interesting questions. Is beauty a subjective or an objective notion? Does it reside in…

The Origin of Racial Conflict

Max Monahan

  Beginning at its literal conception, life has had a singular unwavering objective: to survive.  A redundancy at face value, this statement is the illustration of a crucial principle:  Life, uniquely, by its very nature must put forth effort to…

Introduction to Classical Ethiopian Philosophy

Teodros Kiros

African philosophy in particular has suffered considerably from the pre-judgment; or, what others may explicitly call a Eurocentric racial gaze. The colonial and imperial projects on Africa produced narratives of what philosophy is and is not and imposed it on the continent of Africa, from which emerged the new and dangerous view that the colonized African subjects were by definition impervious to logical thinking, to systematic thought, to organized opining and to conceptual formations, four definitions of philosophy.