Anwen Crawford

Anwen Crawford is an Australian writer. She is the music critic for The Monthly magazine, and her essays have appeared in publications including Frieze and The New Yorker online.


Moira Lo Bianco

“This album is a cloud of thoughts, a nest of feelings”- Moira Lo Bianco The Lunaria is a leaf that seems to be made of silk but develops a sharp stem, like it wants to protect itself from the world. Framed by the essence of the Lunaria leaf, Moira Lo Bianco’s album Lunaria continues the delicate story of romance wrapped in the silks of classical, jazz and middle eastern styles.

“For Kounellis”

Neil Leonard

For Kounellis is a meditative, evocative electronic work featuring samples from Jannis Kounellis' sculpture, voice, live electronics and soprano saxophone. The sounds are based on Kounellis' untitled installation comprising 23 large church bells that Leonard recorded at the environmental sculpture park, La Marrana di Montemarcello in Italy.

Triloka—Three Realms

Composed by Bruno Råberg

Bruno Råberg recorded his original "Triloka - Three Realms" in Shames Family Scoring Stage at Berklee College of Music with students and faculty.

Alper Tuzcu: Between Two Waters

Alper Tuzcu is a singer-songwriter doing Study Abroad in Valencia. He made an EP called Between Two Waters last semester, based on Valencia standing at a cultural intersection between the Mediterranean sea and Atlantic Ocean.

A Rainy Day

Francine Trester

This solo piano piece was written to accompany the painting of the same name by Marie-Francois Firmin-Girard. The composition opens in the upper register of the piano...

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Meekins Tribute to Bishop: “The Marvelous Stove”

Wayne Meekins

“The Marvelous Stove” is a tune written in honor of the American poet Elizabeth Bishop, after her poem “Sestina.” The stove can be seen as the “all seeing eye” of the house, wise and knowing; the very thing at the