Well, What Would Lincoln Do?

John Burt

Of course, nobody really knows, and there are many reasons why. In the first place, nobody knows how Lincoln would have understood the century and half of political and social change since his own day. In the second place, Lincoln’s…

9 New Poets, 9 New Poems

Berklee Students

Cassie Long, “Atropos” Aidan Meachem, “Swimmer” Sara Gougeon, “Ojala” Haley Griffin, “Go to Therapy” Simon Hubbard, “Drain” AL Riordan, “Tea” Riley Goldstein, “Shelter in Place” Delaney Parker, “Femme Fatale” Olivia Rodriguez, “Meeting You”

Bella’s World

Montserrat Turriza

Bella’s most prized possession, a Mozart doll, lays in the center of her bed, surrounded by a small herd of Build-A-Bear stuffed plushies, American Girl dolls, and stuffed zoo animals. He lays stiff and unyielding in the throng of plastic and plush, wearing a sponge-like grey wig, and a red suit with white ruffles. When his key is turned, he plays Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, translated as “A Little Night Music.” And though intended as a light-hearted serenade, not a lullaby, its playful notes comfort Bella. ...

Charades and Four Other Poems

Robert Carr

Confessional I want to be inside the wooden ribcage of a god. I want to fold my clothes in a small room with a red velvet curtain. I’d confess: Once, on the Boston Common, I kissed a stranger in a

Social Distance and Two Other Poems

Eileen Cleary

Social Distance Like the car-heavy bison on the ruined road in Chernobyl’s exclusion zone, she keeps her home here. A raven stretches its wings atop a crucifix in spring as Maria farms her atomic land. Armored bugs threaten her crops.…

“The Longest Day” & Two Other Poems

Cristopher Gonzalez

A bottomless whir creeping through the walls Stationed accordingly Chipping away at the instance, most elusive of my attempts to focus, and realize its potential To collapse in delirium, incapable of sustaining such heavy bandwidth To be spinning through tunnels Unaware of such disturbing fissures channeling shapely, and more over through an infinite atmosphere If I was to see you now, you’d be quiet and agreeable And I’d be far away, weathering my sickness into your trivial concerns for your reality Mine coming to pieces along my ideas...

“Whisper Down the Lane” & Five Other Poems

Brianna Nelson

When fires flicker I will watch the light, Letting air and ashes waver between. And when I look at paintings in their scenes, I’ll stand behind the crowd and wait in line. When stars start to freckle the sky at night, I won’t try to reach for them; I can see. And when wild horses are running free, I’ll stand still. The magic is in the sight...