Category:Guest Artists

Selected Poems

Bert Stern

AMERICA There was a bird I liked, its name was I don’t remember. It skimmed the waves a day from shore. My mother held my head up to the rail, I was too sick to stand. America, she said, this…


Raffael de Gruttola

Raffael de Gruttola is past President and Treasurer of the Haiku Society of America and one of the founding members of the Boston Haiku Society which is one of the oldest groups in the USA and Internationally.  He has published …

Word and Violin–Spoken Word Poems

Pireeni Sundaralingam with accompaniment by Colm O’Riain

These are the letters I leave behind me, / dull lines written for the censor's eye. / There are no stories here, only headlines, / statements of fact, shielding the truth. /