More Haiku

Raffael de Gruttola


a hawk glides

along the mountain ridge…

afternoon stillness

april morning

a light snow

the only sound

stretched out by a shadow

the grasshopper’s


lost in the lights

the high fly ball

that never comes down

computer window

the face of


no letter from you

watching a mocking bird

chase a butterfly

first snow

the broken beachchair

frozen to the ground

paw prints

disappear in the snow

wind under the hemlocks

jazz haiku


with broken teeth

blues harmonica player

big man Mingus

in flames…

ashes in the Ganges

muddy waters

where the river ends

the tune inside his head

Alabama church

John Coltrane

John Coltrane

dust on my shoes

gonna write my name there—

birdfeathers across the alley

vamp after vamp

a train whistle widens

in the cool air

North Beach

finding the old bar

with poetry and jazz

sheets of sound

from the’Trane window:

bound for glory

finding a new sound-voice

under the Brooklyn Bridge

harmonic screams


in a trunk of rhythms

the raw silence

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