FUSION Presents a Raucous Night of Performed Poetry: Berklee’s Spoken Word & Slam Poetry classes and The Garden

The Slam poets represent a cross-section of the Spoken Word & Slam Poetry class, taught by Michael Heyman. This is brave, bold, head-on, powerpuffed, chuffed, exposed, raw, beautiful, hilarious, heartbreaking, and phantasmagoric poetry for the people that should hit you upside your noggin, downside your bean, and straight into your soulbone. Trigger warnings are assumed.

The last six readers of the evening are all members of the Berklee/Boston Conservatory Poetry Club, The Garden (Judson Evans, faculty advisor), which has been a fixture on campus for over twenty years. Dylan Evers, Marc Monroe, and Abel Puerta are the three current leaders of the club, which gathers student writers weekly for evenings of readings, writing prompts, guest poets, and other events, including the recent “Poetry on the Spot” events where student poets produce improvised poems on a typewriter on request.