Five Poems

Brenda Miller

Stake as in burned at for heresy or misunderstanding— martyrdom or taken in error, mistaken for witch or saint, flames a punishment or cleansing, depending on where you stand. Flint or flesh, kindling or heartwood (the heart is the last…

“Marking Time” and Other Poems

Karen Klein

Marking Time I. Words for wanting contain ‘L’: lonely garrulous old. To make the sound your tongue touches the top of your palette leaving a little space beneath for moisture to pool like the still pools of water in hollow…

Excerpts from “Alva and the Beast”

L.S. McKee

These poems are excerpted from a series in progress currently titled “Alva and the Beast.” This project, through its central character Alva, explores tropes of passion, longing, loss, and mortality through the lens of nature and technology—and how these two…

Seeking Thought Itself

Bryce Perry

What do we mean when we say, “Humans were gifted the ability to think.”? Thinking- the active occupation of the conscious mind, is supposedly the catalytic quality which separated man from animal millions of years ago. When Homo-sapiens began…

Sri Aurobindo & Me

Casey Williams

Most philosophers study and focus on concepts that revolve around the mind without the body, and stress the importance of strengthening it as much as you can to become one with yourself and your surroundings. Sri Aurobindo thinks a bit…

First Prize: “Stateless”

Mina Alali

“June 20, 2016,” Alborz recites aloud as he scribbles on the clipboard. “Gloria’s results were negative; cancer treatment is going well. Keep taking nine micrograms of Denileukin Diftitox daily.”