Triloka—Three Realms

Composed by Bruno Råberg

Bruno Råberg recorded his original "Triloka - Three Realms" in Shames Family Scoring Stage at Berklee College of Music with students and faculty.

Purple Money

Emily Estefan

Pick your poison coins or veins / Copper compost doesn’t flow well through your porcelain / Grew from a flower who’s seed was a dime / Sinners don’t play cowards in your paradise / ...

The Journey (Montage Video)

Anton Ariki

Born in 1992, Anton was raised on Easter Island (Chile) and moved with his family to Stockholm, Sweden in 1997. He started to play piano at the age of seven, and the guitar when he was 11. At the age of 16 he studied "Music Theory and Performance" at the prestigious music high school Rytmus in Stockholm, and later founded a company at 18 to sell music for media.

Rub Meat

Michael Heyman, PhD, DDS, SFPS. The Fizzbert P. Pinkbottom Endowed Chair of Nonsense at Berklee College of Music (FPPECNBCM) at a Berklee Poetry Slam

If—and the thing is wildly possible—the charge of performing nonsense were ever brought against the performer of this brief but instructive piece, it would be based, I feel convinced, on the line (at around 1:52), “Mambo—no simple lumpish ham hock enthusiast.”


Zev Burrows

When a recent college graduate gets caught up with an older woman, he starts to question his own relationship with a younger girl and his own life. A story of love, lust, and the movies while moving along to the…

Dream Rider

Piper R. Pichette

When a bolted door in Zach’s house suddenly opens, Meri finds herself in a Middle World where dreams become reality. As they fall into adventures, the characters they encounter attempt to wrest the power of “Dream Riding” from their fingers.…

A Free Forest

Lezane Trapani

In New York City, siblings Jules and Forest rely on each other and their art to navigate the barricades of one troubling weekend: just a window into their constant search to find a place in this universe where they will…