Boston By Sunrise

Joe Barnard

  Artist Statement: The vision I had for “Boston By Sunrise” was originally part of a much larger picture. I had planned to make a series of short little vignettes like the sunrise video, showing the city by different times…

Put Your Records On

Tim Reynolds

Tim Reynolds is a current student at Berklee College of Music. Not only is he a gifted musician and arranger but he is also a gifted writer.  Below, hear one of Mr. Reynolds’ original compositions titled: It’s Alright.…

Thinkin Bout Love

Nathan Hartono

An original song by Nathan Hartono Video by Callie Huber FUSION'S Technology and Production Manager.

The Uncle, A Screenplay

Dave D’aranjo

Cast of Characters: Demian Andersen: half-Malay, half-American boy growing up in Malaysia; born 1964. Extremely observant but quite shy, and in great need of a positive male role model. Junaidah Andersen: pretty and lively Malay wife, and mother of Demian.…

Blind Luck, A Screenplay

Jónas Bergmann Björnsson

Characters: Jesse: Thirties. Medium height. Looks twice his age. Lives alone in a cabin in the woods. The Blind Man: Early sixties. Stocky build.   INT. OLD CABIN – NIGHT We are inside an old log cabin. A snowstorm rages…

When I’m Old, music video

Rumle Sieling Langdal Jensen

In early 2013, Rumle Sieling Langdal –  Singer, Guitarist and Berklee student – got the idea of filming a music video as a single long walk, using handheld sound-recorders to capture whatever was in the frame at any given time.…


Music by Sara Ontaneda | Video by Callie Huber

Sara Ontaneda is an Ecuadorian composer, arranger, vocalist, and pianist.  She has trained in classical, Latin, and jazz styles.  She currently majors in Contemporary Writing and Production at Berklee College of Music, where she has been studying voice, composition, and…

The Fringe

The Fringe are one of the genuine living treasures of the Boston jazz scene. Originally formed back in 1971 by tenor-saxophonist George Garzone, bassist Richard Appleman, and drummer Bob Gullotti as an outlet for their free jazz improvisations, The Fringe…

Bliain Le Baisteach

Sean Taylor & Mikael Fernström

Since 1999 Softday, the art-science collaboration of artist Sean Taylor and computer scientist Mikael Fernström, have engaged with issues relating to natural cycles in time, climate change and its global effects. Bliain Le Baisteach (A Year of Rainfall) looks at…