Poetry Exchange

Seph Hamilton

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Poetry Exchange is a brand new project
headed by Seph Hamilton. Seph takes to 
the streets of Boston, typewriter in 
tow, and sets up a small station for 
public exchange of poetry. He types you 
a poem on his typewriter, and you write 
him one in his journal. When the poems 
are finished, they are read aloud to
their recipients. Everyone is one poem 
Seph really values collaboration and 
believes in the importance of sharing art.
Poetry Exchange is his way of actively doing 
both of these things and improving his poetry
at the same time.
To see more Poetry Exchanges go to www.poetry-exchange.com



June June2

Lama and Sarah, who told me my name means ‘sword’ in Arabic and gave me prayer beads or a misbaha ( مسبحة) from Mecca.





Lama&Sarah Lama&Sarah2


Lama and Sarah tell me this is an old Arabic poem which has the word “sword” in it, which is marked with an asterisk. My name is written at the top of the page in quotes. They said they would send me an English translation, in which case I will repost their poem with the transcription.


Maddie Maddie2