This April, FUSION Magazine hosted its first multimedia work, authored by Kathryn Bilinski and Andy Kim, at Berklee College of Music. Finding inspiration in their surroundings, the two artists gathered contributions from local narrators across disciplines to compile Inscription, a projection-based work designed to highlight text from FUSION as well as provide visual and musical interpretations of literary works.


Louis De Paor

The Singer These two here in front of me think he’s singing to only themwhen he plays a loving lament, their fingers ache to be homewhere they can play on each other till morning. The lonelyand the old flames are…


David O’Reilly

Title card reads: “2031” FADE IN: EXT. HOUSING ESTATE–DAY A YOUNG WOMAN walks along a painted line as if walking an invisible tightrope. She is dressed in DARK CLOTHES, with a LONG CAPE that goes down to her knees. She…


Mary O’Malley

Geography Connemara has one language, two tongues. It is knowing everyone’s faults but your own. It is never pulling together except in trouble And then uniting. It is not a brand name. It is a place. It is not a…


David O’Reilly

SCROLLING TEXT “Although Ireland maintained its neutrality throughout the Second World War, over 38,000 Irish citizens contributed to the British war effort, working in British factories, and enlisting in the British armed forces and Merchant Navy.” FADE IN: EXT. FIELD–DAY…


Ailbhe Ní Ghearbhuigh

You were driving by the sea / in the dream, / explaining your regret, / why you led us not into temptation. / ...


Gerard Smyth

I tried to smile while she plucked / the old bandage from the red line of hurt / where the scalpel did its abrasive work / and the yellowing bruise / ...