Category:Guest Artists

Letter for Berklee

Steve Vai

Greetings enthusiastic music students, and congratulations. You have chosen the entertainment industry as your profession. I have been in it for the last forty-seven years, and I can tell you it’s truly a fantastic industry. The number of options and…

The Last Sound You Hear and Two Other Poems

David P. Miller

police siren through a siphon

double pitched air brakes

metal: key chain, dog tags

a laugh’s bubble envelope

You lay on your back and the air of browning onions watered your tongue. You wanted to rise again. Let them bring it to you ...

Music in Islamic Philosophy

Peter Adamson

Despite his importance as the first Muslim intellectual to make use of ideas from the Greek philosophical tradition, we don’t know much about the life of al-Kindi. We do know roughly when he lived (the ninth century CE), that he…

4 New Poems

Charles Simic, Former U.S. Poet Laureate

The hush of a summer morning
Bathed in the light of sunrise
Drew me to the open window
And the astounding beauty
Of every flower and tree in my yard ...

Five Poems

Brenda Miller


as in burned at
for heresy or misunderstanding—

martyrdom or taken
in error, mistaken ...