When I’m Old, music video

Rumle Sieling Langdal Jensen

In early 2013, Rumle Sieling Langdal –  Singer, Guitarist and Berklee student – got the idea of filming a music video as a single long walk, using handheld sound-recorders to capture whatever was in the frame at any given time.

“I wasn’t sure whether this was doable at all – which is why I just had to try out. So during Spring Break I gathered some friends and did this video in a beautiful old house on Marlborough Street in Boston. This is what came out of it!”

Rumle Sieling Langdal – vocals, guitar and handheld recorders
Dani Forde – vocals and guitar
Avery Ballotta – ukulele
Linnéa Lundgren – vocals, clarinet and handheld recorder
Max Riddle – upright bass
Allison De Groot – banjo
Patrick M’Gonigle – fiddle
Raphael Lehnen – harmonica, percussion and handheld recorder
Amit Cohen – piano and handheld recorder

Production by Luke Goh

Thanks to Jason Sampson and Everybody in the IFH


I would like to be a masterpiece made from stars
I could even go as far as to say; made on planet mars

I could swarm around the mountains and the trees
could be understood
I could warm my bones inside a hive of bees
don’t you think I could?

I know the world is nothing but
what I make of it
But oftentimes I’m loosing all control
Tell me how you’re winging it
you seem to be in charge
⁃ Or maybe I will know when I am old

I could easily be a thundercloud, raining down on you
But I’ll rather take responsibility, for the sunshine too