4 Poems

Leah Weigel

Traveller’s Soul
I will make a home for you in my capillaries,
and let you glide on your back through my veins
You are welcome here like the sand welcomes the sea,
And the sea welcomes the sky,
And the sky welcomes the breeze—
There is a cavern in my lungs that I have saved for you
A vessel in my heart prepared
And a song in my throat that is waiting to be sung.
So curl up in the corner of my mind, and rest.
Catch your breath on my mouth
Find heaven on my lips, and
I will love, fully, every part of you that you give to me
I will let you stay, and I will let you go
Share this home with my traveller’s soul
There is no mountain I don’t want to climb
No sea that doesn’t call for me
No star from which I would shift my gaze.
There is a yearning in my deepest soul that overwhelms,
and in my chest, a gratitude so grand.
There is no creature to small for me to honor its life
No flower undeserving of a poem
No person too different for me to share with them a smile
Because we are all made of the same stardust, and
These atoms in my veins have been here before, and
sooner or later they will become a part of everything else
in this cyclical universe I have caught myself in.
So I will go to the mountains when they call
And I will find my soul, naked, between the trees
And I will loose myself all over again
And find peace in my wandering.
Home is not a place, but a feeling
And I feel it in every manifestation of stardust I encounter
This earth offers herself to me, no matter where I roam
She calls, revealing my place
Saying, “you belong, you belong, welcome home.”
I pray with dirt in my hands.
I pray with every breath of seaside air.
This universe is my sanctuary, every atom she houses, my God–
I worship with my words, each poem an offering
Every celebration of body,
Every preservation of goodness,
Every morning I wake up and choose to live, fully–
a spiritual communion with my maker.
After all this wandering, and wavering,
do you still think that “sense” has a due date?
Are you trying to cross a finish line?
For a trophy of self-mastery?
Get comfortable being lost, and lonely, and other words to describe this vulnerable, complicated, unending state of solitude.
You are changing everyday.
So welcome yourself.
New, with each moment.
Make peace with the parts of yourself that you haven’t yet mastered
Or that you still don’t understand
Or have yet to meet.
Featured Artwork:
By Barnes Dr Thomas G, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons