From Henry’s family


Henry’s brother and two sisters came to Berklee for the College’s Tribute to their brother. Joseph and Patricia posted the following.
Friends: You do not know me and I did not enjoy the Berklee experience. But I did experience Henry. I am his brother, Joe. I am so touched to read your messages about Henry. Your memories of Henry bring tears to my eyes. We loved Henry very much and learned much about the arts from his words. Whether at holiday dinners in Philadelphia or our visits with him to the “Museum” (there was only one in his mind) his entertaining and mind-expanding thoughts humbled me. I would think, “How does my younger brother know so much?” He was a treasure, and we miss him already. We, as you, must appreciate the time we had with this magical person. Thank you and goodbye, Henry.

Joseph A Tate

Henry was always in my life. He was my older brother, my best friends (of which he had many) and my first teacher. He shared with me his love of art, music, and poetry. It was the greatest gift anyone ever gave me, except for his love and precious time. I cannot imagine a world without Henry.

Patricia Tate Stewart