Humiliation — An Essay On Ingmar Bergman

Sean Brennan

In the final moments of Summer With Monika, Harry Lund (Lars Ekborg) reflects upon the happiest days of his life.  Defeated by both his wife’s betrayal and his own newfound cruelty, Harry reminisces on their summer together.

The Things That Crushed Him

Michael Nasaruk

His right leg was shaking, out of control. The golden sustain pedal beneath his foot gained momentum and kept pressing back against the low and unstable pressure of his leg.

Alien’s Ellen Ripley and NASA’s Anna Fisher

Spanning the void between fiction and reality by Taylor Page

Regardless of the photographer’s intent, this Life magazine’s 1985 cover of the American Astronaut Anna Fisher says it all: The New York City bread graduate Anna Lee Fisher (top) of UCLA ignites a intriguing comparison to Ellen Ripley: one of world’s most famous female heroes projected in film.

The True Nature of Religion

Salome Kotsoladze

Contemplating about the true nature of religion, whether or not religious beliefs lie in or outside the bounds of rationality and reasoning is something all of us have thought about. “Why religion, since so costly, has survived?”

Euterpe’s Lament

Changing the Way We View the World through Sound | Katherine Schimmel Baki

“I think the tools available to Beethoven to write his music were insufficient for him. He very often composed by pushing the boundary beyond the instrument available to him at the time and even beyond the reality of the music and matter. When faced with such energy, there is something irrepressible and yet, you have to deal with something tangible, something with limits of its own.” -Pianist, Helene Grimaud

Louie Legendary

Greg Vogt

They always tell you that making a good first impression means everything, but if there is one thing I have learned since moving to Boston, it’s that first impressions often mean nothing.  I’ll be the first to admit that I…

Someone to Sing To

Kelsey Worley

  It was a gloomy, quiet morning in Harvard Square, and as I waited for Felix’s Shoe Repair to open, I couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was watching me.  I looked around, searching for a pair of eyes that…

Metropolis: A Boston Summer

Kathryn Bilinski

THE TRAIN FROM CONNECTICUT: This train chugs along relentlessly – burning, yearning, returning – completely unaware of the sleepy state of its inhabitants. But today I feel akin to my locomotive as it thunders along the well-beaten path of a…

Racism in Restaurants

Courtney Swain

“I don’t want that table,” my colleague said to me. “They’re Canadians. You can take them if you want.” Before I walked up to the new table to great the customers, I wondered briefly at how she’d instantly judged our…