As It All Moves On

Marko Djordjevic

Whose time is mine?
To watch the grass grow
Has never been a strength
Nor a weakness.
Slowly but surely,
It becomes a necessity
As I learn to become a fruitful observer
Of nothing in particular…
Poet Bio:
Called a “world-class drummer” and “a true innovator” by Modern Drummer magazine, Marko Djordjevic has played on over 50 albums and has thousands of performances worldwide to his credit. His latest album, Something Beautiful, garnered praise from peers and critics alike. Lionel Loueke, one of the finest musicians of our era, sums it up best: “Marko is one of the greatest drummers out there. He possesses incredible technique and a musical mind to match it! I love playing with him because he is so creative and unique!” Marko hopes that his poetry will be met by similar enthusiasm from those who happen to read it. Find more information about Marko at: