Ninna Nanna di Ana

Kate Bilinski

Kate Bilinski is an east coast based sound designer, composer, and photographer. She has participated in artist residencies in Europe and Latin America, including Castello in Movimento in Fosdinovo, Italy, and, as part of Berklee’s Interarts Ensemble, in Havana, Cuba. In the past two years she has curated and contributed to multimedia exhibitions at GASP Gallery and Berklee College of Music in Boston. After six months in Germany, she has found a niche in NYC programming electronic performance art, producing emerging pop artists, and composing commercial music at HiFi Project.

“Ninna Nanna di Ana” is a sample-based piece. All of the sounds were collected from the castle in Fosdinovo (Italy) as well as the surrounding area including the marble caves in Carrara. They were then synthesized using Logic Pro and tweaked with a battery of techniques and plugins.

The piece was a collaboration with John Hull. At the castle we were able to work with a German graphic artist, Stephan Müller. We sent him MIDI data which was used to trigger graphics; in return, his data modulated effects on our composition.

The video online was made using Max MSP Jitter. Instead of MIDI data this measures amplitude from different tracks of the piece (percussion, pads, pianos, etc.) to generate and affect the visual.

Fosdinovo Castle photos: