Claudia Daventry

An intense dialogue about the wallpaper or the rug would do as well provided that both parties believe – Reber, 1985

Excerpts from Simonides

Robert Crawford (poetry) Norman McBeath (photography)

Simonides is a collaboration between the poet Robert Crawford and the photographer and printmaker Norman McBeath. The work features black and white photographs paired with Scots (and English) translations

Deliver Me

Rachel Yoder

That summer before I left, the cicadas descended on Road’s End. They’d been hibernating in the ground down by the tree roots since the year I was born, still and deadlike for seventeen long years until mysterious waters inside them began to stir again.

Russian Winter

Daphne Kalotay

The winter I was twenty-five I met once a week with a professor of Russian named Lawrence Tillbear. This was in Boston, where I was working toward a Ph.D. in European Literature, studying for a qualifying exam in Russian fiction.…

Life Under the Cloud of Unmet Expectation

A Meditation on Fame and Artistic Longevity, Steve Almond

A lot of what I do as a writer boils down to making obnoxious assumptions, so let me start with one: if you’re reading this, you’re an aspiring writer, or an aspiring musician, or both. The first thing I’d like…