“The Day” & Others

Abel Puerta Alarcón

El Dia
by César Calvo (from Poemas bajo tierra, 1960)

Subiré para verlo.

Llegará como llega
mi madre a mi tristeza,
la palabra al silencio.

Llegará como llegan
las estrellas al cielo,
los bajeles al puerto.

Subiré para verlo.

Le diré: te he esperado
tanto, que ahora puedo.
Ayudaré a sembrarlo
con las manos del pueblo.
Y colmado de dicha

me moriré de nuevo.

The Day

I will rise to see it.

It will arrive
like my mother arrives to my sadness,
like words to silence.

It will arrive
like stars arrive to heaven,
like vessels to the port.

I will rise to see it.

I will tell it: I awaited you
so long, that now I can.
I will help to sow it
with the hands of the people.
And brimmed with bliss

I will die again.

Translated by Abel Puerta Alarcón
_ 1 _

Between the curtains
a thread of light filters
bringing in some of the cold
that sleeps on the street.
Next to my eyes
the faint bright light lays beside me
calling me from my dreams.

Not even at night
the world stops spilling
into the cracks.

Abel Puerta Alarcón has a Bachelor in Economics by Universidad del Pacífico (Lima-Perú). He worked as a research assistant at the Centro de Investigación de la Universidad del Pacífico from 2013 to 2018, where he focused in Peruvian business history from different perspectives, like social network analysis, sociology, and economic history. He is currently studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, majoring in Contemporary Writing and Production.