The Classic Henry

Rekha Menon

The Henry I remember who was very dear to me
Henry the classic gentleman
The distinguished gentleman
His simple presence felt in the hallways & classrooms
A man of calm demeanor
Elegant, Kind, Polite,
Such class

I remember him holding the coat for me
He called me his little sister
His emails he always addressed me Rekha–my dear
He installed my show–art exhibitions
The sharing of art and the Jameson
That was the most glorious time
That is the True Henry

One cannot forget…
The flowing love for art
The doors he opened
Through his passion for art
That touched and inspired all
Not to encroach
Always said for your consideration

Henry my dear
We miss you
We love you
Your warmth, passion, essence
Kept Berklee alive with art

Thank you Henry
For sharing your richness in art
Your lavish passion for art
For your warm coloring presence
Your gentle spirit
For Being Henry