the shadow’s wink

Lea Orianne

i cuddle, gripping firm the pillow’s shrine
a taste of acrid absence. love, not there.
grasping still to treasures, that were not mine
my widowed joy, now free of cherished care.

the weight of threading sounds of now and yore,
compassion listens, lifting love in sync
with breath divine, hailed from a nearby shore
of turquoise seas, a refuge? just a wink.

so softly thieves my present moment’s gift
of spacious luster, friendships such as these
not binding, never solid, just a shift
with precious laughter, soaring with great ease,

a pirouette, a grin, and now i see
the robber of serenity was me.

Starting off this life in America, and graduating in the Arts from Pennsylvania State University, I worked for 30 years at countless projects for the City of San Diego, California. At long-last retired, I am currently living with an eighty-year-old walnut tree, two happy red squirrels, and an innocent, candid young pear tree in a mountainous region in the southern part of France.
Featured Artwork:
NASA [Public domain or Public domain], Strait of Dover, via Wikimedia Commons