Ode to My Hat

Tanner Linscott

Old and worn
But better than
Any new one.
Been on my head
For the best of times
And for the worst of times.
It’s seen sweat from hard work.
It’s seen sweat from play.
It’s seen the water
From the rivers
We’d float in the summer.
It’s seen the water
From the sink
I wash it in after
Paintin’ houses in
110 degrees.
It’s seen farms and ranches.
It’s seen cities.
It’s seen boats
And it’s seen trains.
It’s only ever on my head.
It’s always there.
I can always count on it.
The only exception
Is that it’s seen
A few pretty girls.
Sometimes they wear it.
That’s the highest honor
You can get from me.
Cause not just anybody
Wears it ya see.
It is a constant
In this ever-changing world.
It is my hat.
Featured Artwork:
“Wick Fancy Hat Bands 18476u” By Library of Congress [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons