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Singer-songwriter Moana Avvenenti

Leah Hinton

Interviewer: Who are some Influences? Moana A.: I’ve had a lot of musical influences, of course. I am a big Michael Jackson fan. I just love the arrangements of his songs. They are so well done. You can distinctively sing…

Chasing Song

Cordelia Vizcaino Leal

I open my eyes to blinding powder, white light. A blurry view after what feels like an eternity of darkness. I blink hard to melt the snowflakes stuck in my weary eyes, and adjust my vision. Fingers frozen, throat dry,…

Eating Together

Nicholas Salvador

“Nikko! Get the table ready, the food is done!” Piping hot bowls filled with bakareta, a beef stew with tomato sauce, carrots, and potatoes, and pancit, a noodle dish. My dad serves all of us. My family sits…

The Arboretum

Erin Snyder

A woman in a burgundy trench coat, felted black hat, feather topped, harboring a thick Boston accent meets you on the Linden Path. Because you look her in the eye she asks you if you pray, if you feel a…

Starfish, Sleeping

Seph Hamilton

In my sea-combed hair You blink awake.   With your languid ray Push gold behind my ear.   Tell me of the pearls I am to wear.…

Raspberry Sorbet

April Gompers

A girl with lips the color
 Of raspberry sorbet
 Takes a drag of her last cigarette,
 Or so she says.
 She dips a small wand
 Into a barrel of soapy liquid, 
 Reflecting her face in rainbows,
 And her raspberry lips…

Stained Glass Sea

April Gompers

The colored air that we breathe
 Ricochets from the waves
 Of a stained glass sea.
 And I know that the ceiling is only concrete,
 But I feel it elevate me,
 Almost making me believe.
 I want so badly to only…