Starfish, Sleeping

Seph Hamilton

In my sea-combed hair You blink awake.   With your languid ray Push gold behind my ear.   Tell me of the pearls I am to wear.…

Raspberry Sorbet

April Gompers

A girl with lips the color
 Of raspberry sorbet
 Takes a drag of her last cigarette,
 Or so she says.
 She dips a small wand
 Into a barrel of soapy liquid, 
 Reflecting her face in rainbows,
 And her raspberry lips…

Stained Glass Sea

April Gompers

The colored air that we breathe
 Ricochets from the waves
 Of a stained glass sea.
 And I know that the ceiling is only concrete,
 But I feel it elevate me,
 Almost making me believe.
 I want so badly to only…


Erica Charis

A mother’s tongue forges sounds into syllables blowing gently on the sparks of recognition, traveling from attentive ears to amazed eyes, lighting the fresh kindling in an old hearth. Moi, Dich, We. Embers radiate beneath the newer wood giving energy,…


Paige Chaplin

i can only picture this now: your starfish body melting into stale bedsheets alone. when once, underneath the same collapsible cotton roof, we loved each other for the first time. i cannot say i remember how it felt when you…

The Pain of Creation

Emmett Ceglia

My baptism had no business with fire It was my creation that was in a holocaust The womb from which I was expelled Rooted me in the unholy churning of the center of the earth In conflagration flame, I was…

Sonnet 23

Jordan Casty

The moon is only good for hanging hats. It’s lost whatever magic songs it played And now it’s just a night-light for the rats. A whisper in a monstrously loud parade. The sun is just a joker in the sky,…

In Her Own Time

Inés Velasco

The house was quiet went she went in. Isabelle remembered how much she loved going to that house with her parents when she was still a kid. Forty-five minutes away from Chicago, the “lake house,” as she called it, had…

The Lion Boy

Chris Stites

It’s not easy balancing school with drinking binges that last for days. I struggle to remember things and often feel sick. My black cat, Daisy, sits and stares out the window. I try to drink myself into breaking it. But…

Three Words

James Sanderson

Inside Howard’s wool coat pocket was a letter. The letter started and ended with the same three words. The three words became a mantra to Howard, one he would repeat while he looked at his haggard face in the mirror…