9 New Poets, 9 New Poems

Berklee Students

Cassie Long

Thornéd crown, ensnared in a quiet hour, she’s
fair, but tainted. Breath trickles dull from fine lips
rested neatly over him, silken honey,
false on his marred skin –

darkness binds them. Spooling his fraying string, her
wilted stems cut swiftly, he weakens, frail: a
heaving muted heart in ribs; caged. She whispers,
breakable nothings.

(Sapphic Stanzas)

Cassie Long is seventh-semester songwriting major at Berklee College of Music, finishing her studies Summer 2020. These Sapphic stanzas are inspired by Atropos, one of the three fates in Greek mythology. They comment on the conflicting energies of cutting the string of one’s life short.

Aidan Meachem

Emblazoned in my consciousness,
the image of your face
contorted into an expression of I don’t know what in that Final moment,

when I held you
and fought hard to bite back tears that threatened to put my own pain on parade,
I tried to focus on yours.


I still remember walking through the park with you each day,
a contrived attempt to find some sort of routine that would take your mind off of

And how I felt
pouring what remained
of you
into the sea
from a sailboat.

What you wanted.

The sun is setting now.
Do you see it? No.
You, of course, are already on your way across the wide Atlantic.

Aidan Meachem is a composer and songwriter at Berklee College of Music. He is originally from Ridgefield, CT. He is a pianist and vocalist, and he loves writing poetry, songs, and musical theatre.
Sara Gougeon

You tongue
te amo
I am weak for your syllables that round so loose and smooth,
a soft song sung. I hum it back
i love you too.
My lazy english: abrupt, rigid, frantic, murders soft verse.
I wish I had the language to lay down my love in
glowing vowels. I have the metaphors,
but the sounds don’t curl
the way your mouth does
when you promise:
Rippling the Rs; ripping at my heart.
I give my simple songs and pray:
Forever. I pray
I got the meaning right.
Sara Gougeon is a singer-songwriter and a poet originating from Sudbury, Ontario.
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Haley Griffin

From youth, I learned to button up my shame.
To stitch my mouth with thread, like corpses. Though
they fabricate that I’m the one to blame,
When pain arises, I grab a needle and sew.

I hem emotions deep within my mind,
Abuse a thimble trick I read about,
And cross-stitch ‘til the problem’s in a bind
To fasten words I could’ve just let out.

Embroidered lips with glosses camouflage,
As though my inseams weren’t about to rip.
Hiding torment is self-sabotage,
So I grab some shears and make that final snip.

Don’t ever try to seal yourself with thread,
For lacing shut is only for the dead.

(English Sonnet)

Haley Griffin is a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music with a major in Professional Music and concentrations in English and Songwriting. Griffin had a hard time choosing between pursuing music and English, but is happy she still got the opportunity to take writing courses during her time at Berklee. Outside of music, Griffin is working on completing her first novel.

Simon Hubbard

The Milky Way is stirring life and limb
With gravity, through which its light-years bend
Above and over every cosmic whim;

Encircling the heights that we ascend
Are shooting stars, falling to meet the Earth,
Breaking frail skin that long years can never mend;

And blackened dirt, soiling its own worth,
Is tossed, flung about thoughtlessly as are
Sorrows upon the swollen face of mirth;

When single tears do reckon what is fair
And what is left to chance in one short life
A weary soul’s left scrounging for repair;

So what is one is one to make of all the strife?
A caring soul can only hope it’s brief.

(Terza Rima)

Simon Hubbard came to Berklee in 2017 from his home town of Boulder, Colorado. He is a graduating senior earning a degree in Contemporary Writing and Production and is open to where his musical ambitions will lead him post-graduation. He has had a lifelong passion for music, but his additional love of literature remains a strong force in his life.

AL Riordan

There’s a calm that brews in a storm.
Leaves whistle round
Sink swiftly down the
Edges of a tea cup.
Water boils in rough breaths, and
Bubbles from the mouth of the lady
Dressed blue and green
And says,
“Earl Grey in the wind,
Cinnamon in the rain,
And Lemon Ginger in the clouds”.
“Chamomile, for the weary,
Peppermint for the teary,
And Hibiscus for the rest”.
There’s a calm that brews in a storm,
That settles to the bottom of a mug
When the infusion
Is done
AL Riordan is an Australian Electronic Songwriter and Music Producer, who has taken to writing Poetry when she feels like the words are enough on their own.
Shelter in Place
Riley Goldstein

Moments linger longer than normal these days.
Clocks tick, scathingly slow, talking as they sit soundly
Mocking your pleas passively, they know it’s
Painfully quiet here.

Outside, shadows dance quick on nimble feet
Casting scenes on stark and thin walls, I follow,
Praying, with my compliance time will soften
Granting peace again.

(Sapphic Stanzas)

Riley Goldstein is a singer/songwriter from Bedford, New York who is currently based in Boston.

Femme Fatale
Delaney Parker

there’s a venomous sparkle in her eyes
of glass- a death defying paradise
an ethereal trap, of divine disguise

both glamour and gore, a parasitic
phantasy- o when she slips through the door
she stirs up vitality, idyllic

yet perilous, what a wonderful war!
fireworks and fingertips, just one kiss
one kiss, one breath ignites a score

of bottles, bubbly bursting champagnes hiss
she is a cobra- both killer and cure
she is the nightfall- both violence and bliss

she is a grand affair, a poisoned sip
she is a godly kind of dangerous

(Terza Rima)

Delaney Parker is a singer-songwriter from Scottsdale, Arizona.

Meeting You
Olivia Rodriguez

It was a bee sting:
A quick pinch
I may forget as the swelling dwindles
but will gently leave a tiny scar I’d
retire to

Though my scars are
stories to tell over and over and
recall the softness of your eyes
that matched the way your hello
brushed my ear.

Say it again.

Olivia Rodriguez is a Latina singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, California. She is about to begin her senior year at Berklee College of Music where she is studying for a Bachelor’s degree in songwriting. She began writing songs at the age of 12 but did not discover her passion for poetry until she began taking poetry classes at Berklee. In the coming year she will continue to explore writing poetry and will release her debut album under the artist name Medina.