Review for Teodros Kiros’ Cambridge Days

Julia Rold

Observations about Westerners’ extreme tanning habits. Mediations on beauty and the state of contemporary Africa. Theories about the moral ethical self. Thoughts about God. Racy sex scenes. These are just a few of the many diverse and wonderful surprises a…

Paget Henry and African Ontology

Teodros Kiros

Ontology is the study of Being, existence and becoming, and Africans have long held their commitment to Ontology far longer than their Western counter parts. African Ontology as part of African philosophy has continued to organize African life since it…

Beneath the Skin of “Under the Skin”

Taylor Page

“Under The Skin,” like most stories, relies upon a narrative that exists on the surface of the film: a seductive alien luring willing men into her grasp my means of a van that peruses the Scottish coastline. But this analysis…

Freeing The Imprisoned Self: A Memoir

Reviewed by Teodros Kiros. Ph.D.

Freeing The Imprisoned Self is a masterpiece written by a seasoned thinker who blends the writerly mood of a novelist, the depth and clarity of an analytic philosopher and the psychological acuity of a clinician. George Eastman’s book, matured in the womb of a long life, belongs on our shelves.

Eastern Ontologies and Capability Theory

Reviewed by Teodros Kiros. Ph.D.

Dr. Ashmita Khasnabish, the author of Negotiating Capability: A Philosophical Politics, seeks to develop an original answer to the daunting question: What must the individuals in the diaspora do to solve their cultural dislocations and the violations of their human dignity? In the process of addressing this question, she engages three classical approaches in Global moral and political philosophy.

Kairos by Mateus Starling

A review by Erin Thomas

Kairos, the debut full length from Berklee grad Mateus Starling, is a compelling and innovative artistic achievement for the young guitarist and his band of remarkable musicians. Starling is joined for the first 6 tracks of the album by…