Category:Drama and Film

The Uncle, A Screenplay

Dave D’aranjo

Cast of Characters: Demian Andersen: half-Malay, half-American boy growing up in Malaysia; born 1964. Extremely observant but quite shy, and in great need of a positive male role model. Junaidah Andersen: pretty and lively Malay wife, and mother of Demian.…

Blind Luck, A Screenplay

Jónas Bergmann Björnsson

Characters: Jesse: Thirties. Medium height. Looks twice his age. Lives alone in a cabin in the woods. The Blind Man: Early sixties. Stocky build.   INT. OLD CABIN – NIGHT We are inside an old log cabin. A snowstorm rages…


J.T. Welsch

Characters: STEVE: 30-ish, travelling businessman SIMON: early thirties, academic KATHRYN: university student on holiday LISA: university student on holiday HOSTESS: attractive, French A train carriage, rumbling along at night, empty except for four passengers: a pair of female university students,

Excerpt from Tiger Lilly

Chris Parlon

  EVELYN goes back into the kitchen. TIMOTHY checks his watch. TIMOTHY: Three-thirty, you bastards. (sighs ) Fun, fun, fun. EDMUND enters from the front door, wearing a long, expensive-looking coat and a woolen hat. TIMOTHY turns, sees him,