The Sword

Ben Loory

You got something in the mail today, the man’s wife says. It looks like it’s from your uncle. The man takes the package and holds it in his hands. He opens it. Inside is a sword. This sword was used…


Adam Mills

When I sliced the man’s chest cavity open, feathers poured out. I recoiled, dropping my scalpel on the ground by my feet. The old man – a Mr. Clayton Montgomery – lay on the gurney in front of me, eyes…


Charis Tan

Jack Sparrow: I know those cannons. It’s the Pearl. Man in Jail: The Black Pearl? I’ve heard stories. She’s been preying on ships and settlements for near ten years. Never leaves any survivors. Jack Sparrow: No survivors? Then where do

Imperishable Value

Danielle Moreland-Ochoa

I always love discovering my own beliefs. Those moments when an idea is brought to your attention and you are forced to confront how you actually feel about it. It can be satisfying and liberating! Or it can pull out…

For the Time Being

Louis C. Stewart

Chapter 1 — The Voyagers Kevlin left the council room disturbed by the lack of fresh ideas. The council was definitely thinking in circles. The same old ideas and supposed solutions to the problem had been gone over and over…

A Trick

Mike Scott

In the fifties, when the computer revolution was little more than the rustlings of an embryonic microchip, the husband worked and the wife managed the household. You can imagine the stir it created when my Uncle Bill left Western Auto…