Pamela Painter: Two Stories

Great fiction writers aim for precision. That means more than finding the right words, as important as that doubtlessly is. It also means paying strict attention to pacing – to finding a momentum that keeps readers riveted. The short story is a particularly unforgiving form in this regard: writers of short fiction work to transport, entertain, and move us in just a few pages, with no room for digression. In the finest examples of the genre, no word is out of place.

Pamela Painter is a fiction writer who never leaves a word out of place. Her stories offer readers brief, vivid encounters that linger on the mind and reward multiple reads. FUSION Magazine is honored to debut two such stories, new works that take us unexpected places. The first, “Ambush” explores the perils of making a living on a gangster-themed TV show. The second, “Welcome to the 47th Annual Twins Convention” follows the wryly funny adventures of a recently single woman who stumbles across the convention of the title. Both are fine examples of Painter’s unique gifts.

– Victoria Large, FUSION Editorial Board


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