Berklee Community, Volume 4


Fiction, Volume 4 Childhood Andrew Choi They say that when a person dies, his life flashes before his eyes. Well, my life hasn’t flashed before my eyes. I’m not dead yet. I’m trying to think of all the possible reasons why this could or … More… Fiction, Volume

Berklee Community, Volume 4


Poetry, Volume 4 Sonnet 23 Jordan Casty The moon is only good for hanging hats. It’s lost whatever magic songs it played And now it’s just a night-light for the rats. A whisper in a monstrously loud parade. The sun is just a joker in … More… Poetry, …

Berklee Community, Volume 4


Creative Nonfiction, Volume 4 Eating Together Nicholas Salvador “Nikko! Get the table ready, the food is done!” Piping hot bowls filled with bakareta, a beef stew with tomato sauce, carrots, and potatoes, and pancit, a noodle dish. My dad serves all of us. My … More… Creative Nonfiction, …

Berklee Community, Volume 4


Columns, Volume 4, Zev Burrows: Film Talk Star Wars Episode VII: Return of the Empire or Revenge of the Consumer? Zev Burrows It’s been almost a year and a half now since multi-billionaire and film executive George Lucas sold his production company, Lucasfilm Ltd., to the Walt Disney …

Berklee Community, Volume 4


Interviews, Volume 4, Written Interviews Singer-songwriter Moana Avvenenti Leah Hinton Interviewer: Who are some Influences? Moana A.: I’ve had a lot of musical influences, of course. I am a big Michael Jackson fan. I just love the arrangements of his songs. They are so well done. You can …

Berklee Community, Volume 4


Art, Painting, Volume 4 Photographs of Six Paintings Diane Esmond Bathers ca. 1965 Caribbean Night 1978 Landscape, Provence ca.1964 Orange Forest 1974 Still Life 1971 Still Life with Wine Bottle 1953 More… Art, Photography, Volume 4 Portrait of fiddler Jenna Moynihan and harpist/vocalist Màiri Chaimbeul Louise

Featured Artists, Volume 4


Featured Artists, Volume 4 Friction Lacey Daley I dance with people who are older than me. Someone told me years ago never to try it, but here I am, cooped up in ballrooms and dance clubs cavorting with people often three times my age. I … More… Featured Artists

Columns, Zev Burrows: Film Talk

Film Criticism: Does it Matter Anymore?

Andrew Sarris, Pauline Kael, Vincent Canby, Jonathan Rosenbaum, Gene Siskel, and Roger Ebert. What do these names have in common? For starters, they are (or were) all film critics who have at some point held a prominent voice in the industry over the past 45 years. Each one of them …

Columns, Linnéa Lundgren

Life in Boston: A Swede’s Perspective

Linnéa Lundgren Living in the United States for two years has been a quite interesting experience. I have slowly discovered not only the most obvious differences, such as the doorknobs being round instead of straight, and people asking you how it’s going without expecting an answer (my first days here …

Celtic FUSION 2014, Events

Photos from Celtic FUSION 2014 – Am Fuaran

A Celebration of the Music of Scotland Tuesday, April 15 Red Room @ Cafe 939 Artists: -Jenna Moynihan & Mairi Chaimbeul -Hanneke Cassel & Christopher Lewis -Mark Simos -Eamon Sefton & Elias Alexander and more Elias Alexander Kathleen Park Eamon Sefton Elias Alexander Christopher Lewis Hanneke Cassel Mairi Chaimbeul Jenna …

Featured Artists, Volume 4


Lacey Daley I dance with people who are older than me. Someone told me years ago never to try it, but here I am, cooped up in ballrooms and dance clubs cavorting with people often three times my age. I can’t stop. I don’t want to stop. I used to …

Featured Artists, Volume 4

loose strife

Amy Quan Barry        Embarassingly it was just outside the tunnels. / One American dollar bought you one bullet. / Consequently I did it because I could. / A few hundred miles west in Cambodia / ...

Featured Artists, Volume 4


Brian Burt        There’s an old high school buddy of mine / who liked to sketch dead things and who / when his dad lost the farm—all the land, / ...

Featured Artists, Volume 4

What I Was Trying to Say Was

Brian Burt        Gloveless hands searching pockets of a wool overcoat on the way to meeting. / Next to a church, a puddle reflecting angels upside down. / ...

Featured Artists, Volume 4

Elegy for Our Dog

Amy M. Clark        This morning on waking / you and I were rolled to opposite / edges of our bed, as if trailing our hands / in the waters of two different oceans. / ...

Featured Artists, Volume 4

Surf Lesson

Amy M. Clark        “Welcome to my living room,” / he said as she climbed into the cab / of his red Chevy. It was big enough / to remove her pants in, but at the beach / ...

Featured Artists, Volume 4

A Thing Will Still Be a Thing No Matter What You Place in Front of It

Carolina Ebeid        They try to explain the shape of what happens in my afflicted brain. / ...

Featured Artists, Volume 4


Carolina Ebeid        A weed grows through this feeling: unwanted, / untended prickly milk thistle spreading / ...

Featured Artists, Volume 4

XXV. Salobrena

Major Jackson        That stretch of mountains features white windmill / blades whose slow turns are rifles aiming, for I cannot / help but think of Lorca’s killing between here and the village / ...

Featured Artists, Volume 4

Dancing with My Father

Kirun Kapur        If you could go back in time, / do you think you could have saved them? / ...

Featured Artists, Volume 4

For the Survivors

Kirun Kapur        Begin with a seed. Begin with the father and the mother, your first Adam and Eve. Begin with what falls from the tree: you can live on bruised ...

Featured Artists, Volume 4

After Lorca’s Death

Kent Maynard        They took his body, thin / and riddled with holes— / they stole it / ...

Featured Artists, Volume 4

Biting the Branch

Kent Maynard        Late afternoon, I’m walking back / from market, the stalls locked early / from no queues: Cameroon’s been caught / by an economic crisis for twenty years. / ...

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