Oxherding Pictures

Eunice Flanders

Number 1: Bird Seeking Nest She, who is no longer living Under her mother’s wing, Who is flying in the wooded land, Between tree limbs, Through seasons warm, wet, Cold and dry, dips, dives, Rises, and rests. She is a…

4 Poems

Safia Elhillo

Ode to Swearing
back home this is the worst profanity
      what men use when they need to curse . . .

Small Gifts: Writing with My Berklee Students

Eunice Flanders

I am privileged to teach music students, and as a writer, I think it important Berklee students understand the history and connection between lyrics and poetry. I start each class with either a poem or song lyrics, which I treat…

First Jazz

Pete Mullineaux

Coltrane, cool train taking vinyl track with swerve and verve, hip dip curve of lip, gravity bending light with thumb and fingertip on moon reflecting keys – take a winding scale from the black bottom of a southern swamp up…

Poetry by Kevin Shaabi

Be the one to squeeze my hand, \ As I gaze at the freckled beauty of life \ Be the one to keep the mug of spent coffee, \ On the bright side of the shadows, \ ...

Islas dislocadas

Arturo Dávila

Tres poemas al vuelo La historia de estos poemas es singular. Cuando el avión que nos llevaba a la isla de Guadalupe comenzó su descenso, recordé que la noche anterior había dejado (estratégicamente), los poemas escritos para esta ocasión (CPA…

My Ballad – Lisa Jura Golabek

Poem by Carol Dine

  1938. “Come in before the house fills up with flies,” says the woman in the doorway, hair tightly wound in a bun. I follow her into a dark-paneled foyer, through the musty parlor of the hostel on Willesden Lane.…


Ellen Francese

Ellen Francese       I have met death / Once Twice / The ground caught me / I could not run away /