Charades and Four Other Poems

Robert Carr

Confessional I want to be inside the wooden ribcage of a god. I want to fold my clothes in a small room with a red velvet curtain. I’d confess: Once, on the Boston Common, I kissed a stranger in a

Social Distance and Two Other Poems

Eileen Cleary

Social Distance Like the car-heavy bison on the ruined road in Chernobyl’s exclusion zone, she keeps her home here. A raven stretches its wings atop a crucifix in spring as Maria farms her atomic land. Armored bugs threaten her crops.…

“Killing Time,” and Other Poems

Cristopher Gonzalez

We are the undying, we are the dead I begin with just a flash And I’m reminded and set The smell of northern wood and gasoline Your peaceful air passes through me Our bodies shape together As the currents stream…

Five Poems

Lindsey O’Neill

Moving Six months of living together, six empty Corona bottles consoling the counter, he paid me back for my portion of the round cherry dining table. I packed two forks, three glasses five apartments in four days, rode the worn-out…

4 New Poems

Charles Simic, Former U.S. Poet Laureate

Black Cat The hush of a summer morning Bathed in the light of sunrise Drew me to the open window And the astounding beauty Of every flower and tree in my yard, Never did I suspect fraud, Till I happen…

Five Poems

Brenda Miller

Stake as in burned at for heresy or misunderstanding— martyrdom or taken in error, mistaken for witch or saint, flames a punishment or cleansing, depending on where you stand. Flint or flesh, kindling or heartwood (the heart is the last…

“Marking Time” and Other Poems

Karen Klein

Marking Time I. Words for wanting contain ‘L’: lonely garrulous old. To make the sound your tongue touches the top of your palette leaving a little space beneath for moisture to pool like the still pools of water in hollow…