Small Gifts: Writing with My Berklee Students

Eunice Flanders

I am privileged to teach music students, and as a writer, I think it important Berklee students understand the history and connection between lyrics and poetry. I start each class with either a poem or song lyrics, which I treat…

First Jazz

Pete Mullineaux

Coltrane, cool train taking vinyl track with swerve and verve, hip dip curve of lip, gravity bending light with thumb and fingertip on moon reflecting keys – take a winding scale from the black bottom of a southern swamp up…

Poetry by Kevin Shaabi

Be the one to squeeze my hand, \ As I gaze at the freckled beauty of life \ Be the one to keep the mug of spent coffee, \ On the bright side of the shadows, \ ...

Islas dislocadas

Arturo Dávila

Tres poemas al vuelo La historia de estos poemas es singular. Cuando el avión que nos llevaba a la isla de Guadalupe comenzó su descenso, recordé que la noche anterior había dejado (estratégicamente), los poemas escritos para esta ocasión (CPA…

My Ballad – Lisa Jura Golabek

Poem by Carol Dine

  1938. “Come in before the house fills up with flies,” says the woman in the doorway, hair tightly wound in a bun. I follow her into a dark-paneled foyer, through the musty parlor of the hostel on Willesden Lane.…


Ellen Francese

Ellen Francese       I have met death / Once Twice / The ground caught me / I could not run away /

Excerpts from Simonides

Robert Crawford (poetry) Norman McBeath (photography)

Simonides is a collaboration between the poet Robert Crawford and the photographer and printmaker Norman McBeath. The work features black and white photographs paired with Scots (and English) translations