Poetry by Kevin Shaabi

Be the one to squeeze my hand, \ As I gaze at the freckled beauty of life \ Be the one to keep the mug of spent coffee, \ On the bright side of the shadows, \ ...

Islas dislocadas

Arturo Dávila

Tres poemas al vuelo La historia de estos poemas es singular. Cuando el avión que nos llevaba a la isla de Guadalupe comenzó su descenso, recordé que la noche anterior había dejado (estratégicamente), los poemas escritos para esta ocasión (CPA…

My Ballad – Lisa Jura Golabek

Poem by Carol Dine

  1938. “Come in before the house fills up with flies,” says the woman in the doorway, hair tightly wound in a bun. I follow her into a dark-paneled foyer, through the musty parlor of the hostel on Willesden Lane.…


Ellen Francese

Ellen Francese       I have met death / Once Twice / The ground caught me / I could not run away /

Excerpts from Simonides

Robert Crawford (poetry) Norman McBeath (photography)

Simonides is a collaboration between the poet Robert Crawford and the photographer and printmaker Norman McBeath. The work features black and white photographs paired with Scots (and English) translations


Joanna Katzen

Joanna Katzen is a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music.  During the course of her studies, she took writing classes in which she discovered nonsense poetry, a form made famous by Lewis Carroll, among others.