Old Photograph

Shivam Sengupta

Looks like it was taken from a very old camera. The film’s grain appears much sharper than grains of sand. The blue in the sky is paler than it should be, blurring the lines between sea and sky. Cameras back…

That Window, My Window

Luna Ramos

Have you ever looked back on your life and realized that there were people, objects that pretty much shaped your childhood, made you into a more creative, interesting person? I found mine at a very young age. No, actually, it…

Three Poems from We Play a Game

Duy Doan

Rat-tat-tat We heard Changes three times on the radio. First on the way to Salem. Again on the way to the grocery store on the way back from Salem. And then again on the way to pick up Becky and…

the shadow’s wink

Lea Orianne

i cuddle, gripping firm the pillow’s shrine a taste of acrid absence. love, not there. grasping still to treasures, that were not mine my widowed joy, now free of cherished care. the weight of threading sounds of now and yore,…

Oxherding Pictures

Eunice Flanders

Number 1: Bird Seeking Nest She, who is no longer living Under her mother’s wing, Who is flying in the wooded land, Between tree limbs, Through seasons warm, wet, Cold and dry, dips, dives, Rises, and rests. She is a…

Aristotle: Poetry

Taylor Brown

Aristotle believed that art is a form of imitation which seeks to represent life.[1] In his Poetics, he discusses his philosophical theory of drama, and determines the elements that make a compelling tragedy. These elements, according to Aristotle, are: plot,…

4 Poems

Safia Elhillo

Ode to Swearing
back home this is the worst profanity
      what men use when they need to curse . . .