Raffael de Gruttola

Raffael de Gruttola is past President and Treasurer of the Haiku Society of America and one of the founding members of the Boston Haiku Society which is one of the oldest groups in the USA and Internationally.  He has published …


Greg Hatem

  I was walking down Inman Street in Cambridge the other day, from Inman Sq. to Central.  As I approached Massachusetts Ave., I noticed an older woman sitting on the porch of a random elegant old home.  She was looking…

God, Forgive Me

Dana James

Sometimes I wonder, no, always I do, each time I see that face / Nondescript and plain, but we know her by name, staring at the corner. / She, who carried the world's greatest prize, praised for her fragile state. /

The First Thanksgiving

Luis Lascano

The doorbell woke me up from a nightmare. Still asleep and confused, I almost stumbled while I was walking toward the door. The only thing I could see through the peephole was the enlarged version of one of my roommates,…

At A Loss For Words

David Kuchera

Taking a moment to breathe in the freshly acrid aroma of cleaning solution, which is overpowered only Airport by Alessio Romano by dozens of double grande half-calf soy mocha lattes, I step into Boston’s infamous two-dollar amusement park.  Having brought…


Attilio Foresta-Martin

Every institution with a very strong identity is based on a precise and defined ideology and on an even more precise system of rules. If you want to see with your own eyes the distorted reality of an institution with a narrow ideology you have to devote at least two hours of your time at Starbucks.


John D. Lippincott

Empire 2 by Alessio Romano As night drops down his tarnished, black curtain, And worn-out faces wear the brake light’s glow, We sit captured in a terrible halt. Like a heavy rock in a shallow pond, All hopes tonight quickly…

One Winter Morning

Kikuta Norihiro

Cold Bright day. White Breath. Beautiful low peach winter sun. Birds are singing in the middle of pale tree. Storm brought snowman to a new jacket last night. He is smiling with carrot mouth. Picked up the newspaper. Under the…


J.T. Welsch

Characters: STEVE: 30-ish, travelling businessman SIMON: early thirties, academic KATHRYN: university student on holiday LISA: university student on holiday HOSTESS: attractive, French A train carriage, rumbling along at night, empty except for four passengers: a pair of female university students,