On Diop, Monogenetic Theory, and Lucy

John Short

At the bequest of my teacher, Dr. Teodros Kiros, I have expanded the contents of my lecture into written form. The subjects to be addressed are the personal life of Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop and his argument for the historical…


Charis Tan

Jack Sparrow: I know those cannons. It’s the Pearl. Man in Jail: The Black Pearl? I’ve heard stories. She’s been preying on ships and settlements for near ten years. Never leaves any survivors. Jack Sparrow: No survivors? Then where do

Imperishable Value

Danielle Moreland-Ochoa

I always love discovering my own beliefs. Those moments when an idea is brought to your attention and you are forced to confront how you actually feel about it. It can be satisfying and liberating! Or it can pull out…

Hip-Hop and Reggaetón; parallel grounds

Paola Pierce

It is both empowering and stirring to understand the roots of Hip-Hop, how it emerged as a music genre socially and politically, and how “…both women and men have participated in Hip Hop culture and rap music in ways that…

The Woman Composer Question

Leonoor Rinke de Wit

Genius has always been a heavily debated subject. What is it? Who has it? Why are some people more gifted than others? However, when it comes to the female genius, the past centuries have yielded but little answers. Partly, because…

Freedom: Gender and Technology in Music

Aaron Larson Tevis

“This great hole, a black hole of no info” (Lockwood) In a 2004 interview, Annea Lockwood mentions this “black hole of no info” in relation to the world of composers that happen to be women, more specifically those that interact…

‘Female’ As A Sub-Genre

Jordan Popky

Drummer chick. Girl DJ. Female composer. What do all of these phrases have in common? They’re all effectively “other” women in the music industry. Women who take on roles in the music industry that are traditionally, or stereotypically, associated with…