What Big Teeth You Have

Raven Baksh

Inside a maximum-security prison, DR. CRISTOFF LAKE walks down a cream-colored corridor. In his right hand, he carries his coffee thermos, and in his left hand he holds a few thin manila folders. He is very well put together; his

Stuck Between Stations: Reflections on The Eclipse & In Bruges

Sean Brennan

In Jean Cocteau’s 1950 masterpiece, Orpheé, Heurtebise (François Périer) leads Orpheus (Jean Marais) into the Underworld to save Eurydice (Marie Déa), Orpheus’ wife.  To do so, Heurtebise instructs Orpheus to put on a pair of gloves so that he…


Zev Burrows

When a recent college graduate gets caught up with an older woman, he starts to question his own relationship with a younger girl and his own life. A story of love, lust, and the movies while moving along to the…

Dream Rider

Piper R. Pichette

When a bolted door in Zach’s house suddenly opens, Meri finds herself in a Middle World where dreams become reality. As they fall into adventures, the characters they encounter attempt to wrest the power of “Dream Riding” from their fingers.…

A Free Forest

Lezane Trapani

In New York City, siblings Jules and Forest rely on each other and their art to navigate the barricades of one troubling weekend: just a window into their constant search to find a place in this universe where they will…

The Uncle, A Screenplay

Dave D’aranjo

Cast of Characters: Demian Andersen: half-Malay, half-American boy growing up in Malaysia; born 1964. Extremely observant but quite shy, and in great need of a positive male role model. Junaidah Andersen: pretty and lively Malay wife, and mother of Demian.…

Blind Luck, A Screenplay

Jónas Bergmann Björnsson

Characters: Jesse: Thirties. Medium height. Looks twice his age. Lives alone in a cabin in the woods. The Blind Man: Early sixties. Stocky build.   INT. OLD CABIN – NIGHT We are inside an old log cabin. A snowstorm rages…


J.T. Welsch

Characters: STEVE: 30-ish, travelling businessman SIMON: early thirties, academic KATHRYN: university student on holiday LISA: university student on holiday HOSTESS: attractive, French A train carriage, rumbling along at night, empty except for four passengers: a pair of female university students,