My Ballad

Lisa Jura Golabek

  1938. “Come in before the house fills up with flies,” says the woman in the doorway, hair tightly wound in a bun. I follow her into a dark-paneled foyer, through the musty parlor of the hostel on Willesden Lane.…

The Origin of Racial Conflict

Max Monahan

  Beginning at its literal conception, life has had a singular unwavering objective: to survive.  A redundancy at face value, this statement is the illustration of a crucial principle:  Life, uniquely, by its very nature must put forth effort to…

Stuck Between Stations: Reflections on The Eclipse & In Bruges

Sean Brennan

In Jean Cocteau’s 1950 masterpiece, Orpheé, Heurtebise (François Périer) leads Orpheus (Jean Marais) into the Underworld to save Eurydice (Marie Déa), Orpheus’ wife.  To do so, Heurtebise instructs Orpheus to put on a pair of gloves so that he…


Jennifer Andrews

She stands on a steel girder, her feet hooked around its ice edge, her hand wrapped tight around a cabled wire, her body, pulsing, pulsing in the wind.


Kelly Abrams

The air was crisp, and winter was finally settling in. The air smelled of snow, though I knew it would never come. Because my friend had been admitted to the hospital the night before, I’d slept at my mother’s side,…

Matilde and the Monster

Fernando Montiel Sanchez

On a warm fall day that smelled of earth and rain, Matilde stood in the middle of the backyard with her husband, Fernando, trying to figure out a game for their children to play—a game that would not frighten them.…

Lines in Her Smile

Eleanor Buckland

There’s a big red photo album tucked away in my parents’ bedroom. On late afternoons, the yard in long shadows, the sunlight shallow, I used to sneak into their room and pore over the photos for hours, getting lost in…

Berklee Bassists Remember Charlie Haden

Rich Appleman, Whit Browne, Joe Coroniti, Bruce Gertz, John Lockwood, Ed Lucie, Bruno Råberg

(1937 – 2014) The Understated Genius at the Root of a Half-Century of Jazz Rich Appleman, Whit Browne, Joe Coroniti, Bruce Gertz, John Lockwood, Ed Lucie, Bruno Råberg Rich Appleman , Chair Emeritus Bass Department: In my opinion Charlie Haden…

Rock Music in a Little Girl’s Eyes

Jessica Prouty

My childhood was filled with tennis lessons, moon-bounce birthday parties, boating at the yacht club, and Christian Rock Music. Life was balanced by two loving parents, a blonde baby brother, church every Sunday, and one of the highest rated school districts in Massachusetts.

Ceci n’est pas un titre

A window on Surrealism by Monica Fernandez

You see it and get that nightmarish shiver you can only recall from your dreams. It is an image inviting you to get lost in the world in front of your eyes while the world behind them strives to decipher that strange familiarity. It is an unconventional word and a plot twist in the story. It is absurd and childish. It is real and abstract. A philosophy: surrealism.