Paris Wu

Lurching out of the classroom, I throw my body against a wall, and allow gravity to pull me to the floor. I haven’t slept in days. Staring into space, I try to process what has happened in the past week—midterms,…


Liam Cetti

The wind whips my hair as I saunter along the uneven sidewalk. I brush it back with my hand, and then look up at the church building I’d just escaped. My family sits inside, absorbing the thundering words of the…

Teodros Kiros – Imagination and Inquiry

Selected Stories from Hirut and Hailu and Essays from Philosophical Essays and Ethiopian Discourse



For generations novelists and philosophers have sharply separated these two zones of human imagination. I am making a modest attempt to draw from these two intimately related sources, convinced that we can engage the interiors of these zones of the imagination as we struggle to make sense of our human existence.

In spite of this artificial separation, I can imagine our possibilities from the hidden recesses of our passions and the authority of our reasoning powers. For me, the novel provides us with plot, characters, and stories and philosophy complements the novel by cultivating characters who think deeply, meditate, pray and speak as they confront themselves and must make wise decisions.

The wisdom of the novel complements the meditative terrain of philosophical solitude.

My dream is to produce a philosophical novel guided by the wisdom of the novel and the maturity of philosophical argumentation.

The three books below are united by a single thread, which runs through novelistic creativity and philosophical seriousness through the narrative forms of the short story and the essay.

The Emancipatory Potential of the Beautiful:

Erich Johnson

It is safe to say that a common, popular conception of art is that which depicts the beautiful. Nonetheless, even this seemingly benign assumption raises some interesting questions. Is beauty a subjective or an objective notion? Does it reside in…

Poetry by Kevin Shaabi

Unbound Be the one to squeeze my hand, As I gaze at the freckled beauty of life Be the one to keep the mug of spent coffee, On the bright side of the shadows, As my wandering mind reflects, The…

Islas dislocadas

Arturo Dávila

Tres poemas al vuelo La historia de estos poemas es singular. Cuando el avión que nos llevaba a la isla de Guadalupe comenzó su descenso, recordé que la noche anterior había dejado (estratégicamente), los poemas escritos para esta ocasión (CPA…

Minnie Mouse

Raven Baksh

Goddamn, she is some sort of hot today. What is it? Like, nine thousand degrees out? All these sun burnt people with their sun burnt children don’t seem to be bothered… With their bare chicken legs out and their little…

“Hippy Boyfriend”

Alyson “Allie” Brill

I’m not goin’ anywhere. I live in a basement studio apartment with a cracked toilet seat and a peeling paint job. My buddies come over and tell me my place looks like a crack den. I don’t clean things. I’m…
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