Interviews, Volume 4, Written Interviews

Singer-songwriter Moana Avvenenti

Leah Hinton Interviewer: Who are some Influences? Moana A.: I’ve had a lot of musical influences, of course. I am a big Michael Jackson fan. I just love the arrangements of his songs. They are so well done. You can …


Interviews, Written Interviews

Interview with Jazz Guitarist Lionel Loueke

By Beth Woodcome Platow I spoke with Blue Note guitarist Lionel Loueke from his hotel room in Osaka, Japan where he was touring with Herbie Hancock, his mentor who he’s been playing with off and on for nearly ten years.


Written Interviews

Meaning Through Music: An Interview With William Ross

By Michael Hazani:  Musicians have a knack for multi-tasking; jumping from late night to early morning sessions with gigs and practice in between. And then, there is William Ross. As a composer, orchestrator, arranger, conductor and music director, Maestro Ross exemplifies the creative mastery of skill, diversity and artistry that few achieve. His influence in almost every major realm of the music industry is legendary.


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