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Thanking and Thinking

Teodros Kiros

Spot Pond and its stirring beauty massage my soul. I see straight through the luster of the transparent blue water. I turn my steely eyes to the left, and there I see two white ducklings looking up, perfectly poised, and…

Revolution and Literature in Camus’s The Stranger and Joyce’s Dubliners

Teodros Kiros

Herbert Marcuse was critical of Marxist Aesthetics.  In One Dimensional Man and The Aesthetic Dimension, Marcuse develops original categories of understanding the idea of Revolution.  On Marcuse’s reading, Marxist Aesthetics does not pay service to the role of literature in the transformation of consciousness and its revolutionary consequences.

Introduction to Classical Ethiopian Philosophy

Teodros Kiros

African philosophy in particular has suffered considerably from the pre-judgment; or, what others may explicitly call a Eurocentric racial gaze. The colonial and imperial projects on Africa produced narratives of what philosophy is and is not and imposed it on the continent of Africa, from which emerged the new and dangerous view that the colonized African subjects were by definition impervious to logical thinking, to systematic thought, to organized opining and to conceptual formations, four definitions of philosophy.