2 Poems

Gianluca Magalotti

The Timeless Toy Box
I woke up on a board, squares and unknown laws in this world
The time I need to learn, the same to forget to be born
Who knows, was that my turn? I’m afraid it’s gone forevermore
Defrauded by the cards and bet at the roulette of your heart

Take me now
Move me then
Throw me away
Queen of my spades
Put me down
Play again
Try this way
I’m flesh for your blades

A stranger to myself, I can hear the slowing of my breath
My soul in something else, I feel like a Russian Doll of fears
Oh my painted empty stare fits with the smile engraved for her
The memory thus evokes a life in the timeless toy box

When you’re done
Roll again
Just for fun
Queen of my pain
Even though
From a man
I’ve become
A pawn in your game

What if I found myself one step away from the silence
A few miles off my hopes hidden
Your voice resounds alone, this song enchanted my conscience
Reaper of my bones, listen

Bring me deep in the ocean softly
Add me to your collection secretly

I’ve seen a broken frame, your face inlaid through the glasses
Memories in pieces waken
My face was fadin’ into the bleeding sunset of colors
Painted with some tears, oh Siren

Bring me deep in the ocean softly
Drown me within your passion fatally

There is nothing insaner
Than disowning our madness
What’s the price of our weakness
What’s the sense of this matter

We are floating together finally
You’re my Siren, I’m your kill

Featured Artwork:
Bellot, David. “Queen of spades”. Wikimedia, December 2016, https://commons.wikimedia.org.