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Student Creative Nonfiction Contest

Stories Based on Real Life: We’re looking for writing that is vital, ripe and engaging. Writing that pushes past or against literary or life’s boundaries, plays with style and form, and makes its own rules.


Berklee Student Screenplays



Boston Sequence

Alexandria Pierre Etienne       

Art, Video

Rub Meat

Michael Heyman, PhD, DDS, SFPS       . The Fizzbert P. Pinkbottom Endowed Chair of Nonsense at Berklee College of Music (FPPECNBCM) at a Berklee Poetry Slam

Essays, Philosophy

Moral Economy: An Original Economic Form for the Human Condition

Teodros Kiros, PhD       MAAT was to ancient Egypt as Wisdom was to ancient Greece. Wisdom was to Plato’s aristocratic regime as Maat was to Egypt’s social and political life.


Wittgenstein, Ordinary Language, and Songwriting

Pat Pattison       My world shifted forever one Tuesday afternoon, decades ago, in Bob Baker’s Philosophy 1 class at the University of Minnesota. Bob was making a case for Descartes’ distinction between Appearance and Reality, and my head was swimming a bit.

Guests, Poetry

Four Poems from The Paul Simon Project

Karen Lillis       The Paul Simon Project (NightBallet Press, 2014) is an "album" of ten poems, one for each song title on the 1975 Paul Simon album, Still Crazy After All These Years. The poems explore subjects from relationships to class contrasts to my own take on escaping a vicious "Little Town" childhood.

Fiction, Guests

The Bridge

Tim Keppel       A sultry midmorning in Cali, the sky a hazy blue. Stoplight venders hustling bubble blowers, pinwheels, lollipops.

Interviews, Video Interviews

Interview with Berklee President Roger Brown

Berklee President Roger Brown interviewed by FUSION Editorial Board Member, Dr Teodros Kiros


Humiliation — An Essay On Ingmar Bergman

Sean Brennan       In the final moments of Summer With Monika, Harry Lund (Lars Ekborg) reflects upon the happiest days of his life.  Defeated by both his wife’s betrayal and his own newfound cruelty, Harry reminisces on their summer together.


The Things That Crushed Him

Michael Nasaruk       His right leg was shaking, out of control. The golden sustain pedal beneath his foot gained momentum and kept pressing back against the low and unstable pressure of his leg.


Beneath the Skin of “Under the Skin”

Taylor Page       “Under The Skin,” like most stories, relies upon a narrative that exists on the surface of the film: a seductive alien luring willing men into her grasp my means of a van that peruses the Scottish coastline.


Alien’s Ellen Ripley and NASA’s Anna Fisher

Spanning the void between fiction and reality       Taylor Page       Regardless of the photographer’s intent, this Life magazine’s 1985 cover of the American Astronaut Anna Fisher says it all: The New York City bread graduate Anna Lee Fisher (top) of UCLA ignites a intriguing comparison to Ellen Ripley: one of world’s most famous female heroes projected in film.


The Sun of my Smile

Laura Sekarputri       Every time I look at my face in a mirror, I spot its dry skin, go away and forget the way I look. I hate the color of my skin. Like the ugly duckling, I’m the darkest among my family and friends.



Ellen Francese       I have met death / Once Twice / The ground caught me / I could not run away /


The Blue Vase

Ellen Francese       The empty blue vase stood on the round white table in the kitchen. Early morning light crept through the jalousie's slats and extended its fingers to the smooth surface of the vase.

Art, Painting

Three Paintings

Magdalene Coleman       

Mixed Media, Painting, Photography

Paola Calatayud-Serna



The True Nature of Religion

Salome Kotsoladze       Contemplating about the true nature of religion, whether or not religious beliefs lie in or outside the bounds of rationality and reasoning is something all of us have thought about. “Why religion, since so costly, has survived?”


Setting and Structure Communication — An Analysis of Langston Hughes’ “Bop”

Mateo Rodo       The piece “Bop” by Langston Hughes is a dialectic expression of the Socratic method between two characters: Simple and the narrator, “I”. In this conversation, the subjects illustrate a teacher-student relationship.

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Foggy Morning, Strathlachlan, Michael Russell

Scottish Feature, Volume 4

Voices and Visions from the U.S. and Scotland


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